Geoffrey is passionate about IT Service Delivery, Technology, and Motorcycles and uses this blog as an outlet for discussing all of these topics – as well as others from time to time!

Geoffrey started out working in the IT industry in 2001 after having spent a number of years working in the retail industry.  Initially beginning as an IT Trainee (Certificate III IT – Generalist), he has gone from role to role building up an impressive portfolio of skills and experience.

With experience stretching a broad cross section of industries including IT Outsourcing, Education and Training, Engineering, and ICT Management Consulting – Geoffrey brings a range of unique skills to the table.

Always an advocate for his customers and user groups, Geoffrey goes above and beyond to ensure that customers receive a high quality level of service and support.  Where necessary, he takes proactive corrective actions early to ensure that issues are resolved before they escalate.

Personable, approachable, and drive, Geoffrey is capable of envisaging all aspects of an organisation and working to engineer commercially viable and sustainable technology solutions to satisfy business requirements.

With a particular emphasis on building high performance, highly talented, and multi-disciplined teams.  Geoffrey has a knack for recruiting exceptional people into IT leadership and operational roles ranging from Senior Management roles, Service Desk, Desktop Support, Infrastructure, and Project roles.

In his spare time Geoffrey enjoys a variety of hobbies including camping, motorcycling, gym training, and renovating.