What can Geoffrey do to help you?

  • Data centre relocations
  • Managed service provider selection and sourcing
  • IT Strategy Reviews – where is IT going in your business?  Where is it now? What’s working / not working?
  • Process Maturity Assessments – do we have the right processes in place?
  • Organisational Assessment – do we have the right structure to support growth and to scale?
  • Sourcing Reviews – should we keep IT in house? Should we outsource all of IT or part of IT?
  • IT Capability and Maturity Assessments – is IT where it needs to be? Do I have the right people doing the right jobs?
  • IT Recruitment and Selection – can you help us recruit where the role has particular skills required?
  • Customer Satisfaction and Service Reviews – my IT department gets poor feedback consistently, what should I do to improve things?
  • Data cabling and telecommunications

A turnaround artist is someone who can turn a chaotic organisation or service team into one that functions effectively.

When you engage a turnaround artist such as Geoffrey it is important to note that we’re not just dealing with one specific problem (although if that’s what is called for then we can certainly focus on that) – we are looking at the entire operation top to bottom, side to side, inside out.