Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is a funny thing.  This service is offered to help IT Departments or Managed Service Providers find out exactly how satisfied their customers are.

There’s a number of methods that we can employ to gauge customer satisfaction this including:

  • Per-incident electronic surveys
  • Strategic electronic surveys
  • 1:1 Customer Feedback Sessions
  • Employee Feedback Sessions

Of course, many people prefer electronic means – however, I prefer the personal touch of actually reaching out to a customer and asking them a few direct questions such as “What is working well” and “What isn’t working so well?”.

From here, we can paint a bit of a picture on what we need do to improve service delivery.  It could be something as simple as improving the way we talk to customers – or something as complex as a top to bottom service improvement plan encompassing all aspects of your organisation / service delivery team.

If you need a bit of help with this, feel free to reach out to me using the Contact menu link above.